The facility specification

-round-the-clock video surveillance with recording on a digital image recorder with
video cameras installed along the outer perimeter of the complex;
-access control system;

The modern complex of fire protection (Fire alarm systems, warning and fire extinguishing systems) guarantees a safety for employees and visitors of the business center


The power supply for the buildings of the DC was made from 2 transformer substations with a capacity of 2×630 kW and 2×400 kW, with two inputs. There are also floor cabinets for connecting tenant jobs to power networks.

Own gas boiler houses supply the building with thermal energy regardless of urban heating networks. Fan coils are used as heating devices, which create the optimum temperature regime in the cold season.

With a ceiling height of 5 m in the rooms, natural ventilation provides the sanitary and hygienic conditions of the indoor air. The catering establishment is equipped with an autonomous supply and exhaust system. Air conditioning of each separate building of the DC is implemented by an autonomous chiller-fan coil system.

Water supply of the business center is provided from city water supply networks with two different inputs. The pressure balance in the internal network is carried out by the pressure regulator.

The buildings are equipped with five modern hydraulic elevators.


Cafe “Latuk”

Opening in our Business Center! Cafe-restaurant “Latuk” • Different dishes on the menu every day • natural drinks – fruit drinks, fruit drinks, lemonades • Baking Pies! Also Latuk provides services for organizing corporate meals for offices, buffets, banquets.

Depositphotos in Kyiv

Depositphotos opens in Kiev, a coworking studio for photographers, “Lightfield Productions Photo Studio.” One of the largest studios in Europe.

Viatec Security Hub

На території нашого Лофт-парку, орендар VIATEC відкрив хаб 600 кв.м. безпеки: це простір для спілкування, де технічні фахівці просто і доступно ознайомлять вас з актуальними оновленнями запропонованих систем безпеки.